Using Vox Charta at Your Department

  • Nothing to install! Vox Charta runs on a dedicated server on UCSC's campus.
  • Custom portal for each participating institution (e.g.
  • Automatically updated with the day's new postings from astro-ph.
  • Maintains a permanent archive of astro-ph postings from previous days (since July 2009).
  • Flexible voting system for building each day's discussion agenda.

    • Vote for or against a paper to move it up or down in the agenda.
    • No time restrictions on when a paper can be added to the agenda. Want to discuss a paper that was posted a week ago? Just go back to that day's posting and vote for it!
    • Post special topics for items that don't appear on astro-ph (e.g. press releases).
    • Automatically e-mails a copy of the agenda prior to each discussion to your department's e-mail list and/or all registered users.

    • Retains a copy of all previous discussion agendas.
  • Advanced scheduling system
    • Set a regular discussion day, time, and place.
    • Cancel or add extra discussions on specific dates.
    • Add recurring special events with custom agendas.
  • Paper sorting and management
    • Keep track of which papers you voted for with your personalized voting history.

    • Sort papers in each day's postings based on your previous voting history by comparing the tags of the newly added papers with the tags of the papers you have voted for.
    • Optionally hide astro-ph subcategories, replacements, and cross-listings.

    • Based on your voting history, constructs a personalized list of suggested papers from the last several weeks of astro-ph postings.

    How do I get started?

    Interested in using Vox Charta for your department's ArXiv discussions? Please fill out an application for a new portal. New portals are typically created within 24 hours of an application's submission.


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